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TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

Practical tips on how to modify our conventional roles as listeners to less conventional but more effective ones!

Jeremiah Kwok, Lecturer from Singapore Polytechnic, May 2021

Useful handles provided by Chatty Caterpillar for relating better with others and resolving conflict without the blame. Examples and explanations were clear and concise.

Shaun Goh, Lecturer from Singapore Polytechnic, May 2021

Facilitators are nice and engaging! Ms Gwendolyn actually did an on the spot translation into Mandarin for one of the participants who did not enjoy English so that was quite thoughtful of her.

Chatty Caterpillar has been an amazing platform that shares about many important issues which revolve around one common topic: People. Keeping the well-being of people in their focus, Chatty Caterpillar brings to awareness the issues that we should all spend more time on, amidst our fast-paced lives.

Koko Than Win, Staff of Iron Supper Club, June 2021

Melvin Ashiq, NSman from Singapore, June 2021

I really enjoyed the Active Listening workshop! It was a fruitful experience that I believe everyone will benefit from. Love the message on destigmatizing mental health and breaking down misconceptions on mental wellness!

Bernice Bernales, Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Bukit Gombak, June 2021

Mental health is definitely an important aspect of life and work and I like the PowerPoint slides very much as they are lively and make the session very interesting.

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Singapore,
July 2021

The workshop was extremely useful in allowing me to better understand why I'm currently feeling overwhelmed and how I can cope with it. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kokila, Singapore Food Agency (SFA), September 2021

Very useful and informative for this short session on managing mind and stress. Gives me more assurance to validate my feelings instead of feeling stressed and helpless.

Eunice, Singapore Food Agency (SFA), September 2021

The session provided by Chatty Caterpillar is an amazing stepping stone to acknowledge that we have unmet needs and we should do our best to fulfil them.

The workshop was a short and sweet seminar that gave me a quick and concise understanding of why I would feel the way I feel, and why I would react the way I react. The bite sized bits of information were easily digestible. The speakers engaged the audience well and questions were responded to well.

Kenneth Hooi, September 2021

Hady, September 2021

The workshop was effective in helping us uncover our unmet needs through the exploration of our feelings as information. Useful strategies and frameworks were given to help us explore our stress reactions and categories of basic needs.

Yi Ling, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Lecturer, September 2021

The session has helped me to be more aware and better understand how I can recognise my own emotions and needs. Thus, I can better handle myself.

Walkers Global, October 2021

Informative session with practical advice. Analogies used are simple and easy to understand and apply to our own lives and situations.

Michael Danker, TDCX, October 2021

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