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Singapore Polytechnic Workshop on Listening and Relating to Teenagers

(Affectionate Caterpillar programme)

Listening to students is not an easy task. Often, educators are caught off guard about what they can do to respond to their students. At this workshop, we shared with a group of 16 Singapore Polytechnic lecturers about how to practise active listening using the HEAR principle. We conducted a hands-on practice session during the breakout sessions on active listening to boost their active listening skills.

Next, we shared with the participants on how to shift the relationship dynamic between themselves and their students from a reliant and co-dependent one to an empowered one, using the Karpman's triangle framework. This is important in empowering their students to find their own solutions.

On the overall, it was an insightful session with a rich discussion. Thank you all for participating.

Event: 5 May 2021: Event
Event: 5 May 2021: Pro Gallery
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