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31 MARCH 2023. 

After 3 years of development, our CHAT test is finally available on an app. Try it today.

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Chatty Caterpillar is a Singapore-based mental wellness education company that seeks to enhance mental health literacy around the world to create a more self-aware and compassionate world. We are data-driven and make use of surveys to customise our programmes according to our clients' needs. 

We use the analogy of a caterpillar to describe how natural transformations in individuals and organisations ought to be. Just as caterpillars are meant to become butterflies naturally, human beings are meant to grow and develop into better versions of themselves naturally. We focus on a skills-based approach to achieving this and are committed to bring you a life-changing experience at each of our workshops and events. From 2021 – 2022, we have reached out to over 2000 unique individuals from the age of 9 to 70, from schools and companies. Some of our clients include Hoya corporation, the Toteboard, Singapore Food Agency and TDCX.

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Our Vision
We seek to create a world where mental health literacy is available to all regardless of socio-economic status, religion, age, nationality, gender and sexual orientation.

Our Mission 

We democratize psychology to the lay man so that he can adopt a lifestyle of self-care both at work and at home. 

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Mental illnesses, including anxiety, depression, and emotional distress, contribute greatly to work impairment, costing employers up to US$6,700 per year, per employee, according to one U.S. study (Collins et al., 2005). Thankfully, workplace mental health promotion programs can effectively reduce this burden. (Seaton et al, 2019)

Chatty Caterpillar seeks to support your company in conducting mental health promotion programs. We do this through our unique C.H.A.T methodology, developed from positive psychology and transformational life coaching. Studies in positive psychology prove that there are benefits to participating in "intentional positive activities" (Joseph, 2015) to one's mental health, such as boosting one's well-being and reducing depression. Some examples of positive activities may include engaging in the thoughts and behaviors associated with happy people - such as expressing gratitude, thinking positively, affirming one's value and doing kind acts for others. 

Secondly, we guide people to work through their negative emotions and grow in self-knowledge. People tend to give low priority to accurate self-knowledge as they pay attention mostly to information that validates and enhances their self-concept. When an individual receives facts that are contrary to their self-concept, they struggle with them as they feel defensive. 

However, building emotional self-awareness through mental wellness practices helps individuals view all facts that arise throughout their life as necessary for their "full functioning".  Thus, "all the facts are friendly" and if given proper attention, could lead to the "de-automization of behaviour" (Joseph, 2015) leading to more intentional thoughts, behaviours and actions. 

In the end, we want to help people understand that all emotions are valuable as they help us to understand ourselves better, acting like a compass to direct our lives. Our role at Chatty Caterpillar, therefore, is to help our clients find ways to build habits that can enhance their mental health, leading to a happier life.  

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